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Constant frustration

My family and I have been using this app for more than a year on iPads which serve as our keypads, instead of proprietary Elk keypads. There are 2 major flaws which make it extremely difficult to use this app. Apparently, Jayson has programmed the buttons so that, when inputting information, each key must both be touched (pressed) and, simultaneously, a SOUND must be elicited when touching the key. If the user fails to get the sound, the program fails to acknowledge that the button was pressed! This is bizarre! In spite of using hundreds of iOS apps, I have yet to find another app which requires a sound to accompany a button press. This "feature" makes entering numbers to disarm an armed system difficult and leads to many false alarms, as my family has experienced. I fail to understand why it is programmed in such a unique, difficult, and ineffective way!! The second issue is a relatively simple design flaw. The LED lights--red to indicate that the system is armed and green to indicate it is disarmed--on a typical Elk keypad are represented by small, colored dots in this app. However, if one uses an iPad on a wall, that tiny, 2-dimensional dot is not decipherable from a few feet away! The same thing is true about the thin lines above buttons like "Stay" or "Away" which turn red to indicate the respective button is activated. The point is that the surface of an iPad is not identical to physical, 3-dimensional objects like small, LED lights. I know that Jayson has been provided with some solutions. Apparently, he has no interest in implementing them. It is a shame, as a simple design fix to this app would permit users to comfortably and fully utilize iPad's instead of proprietary keypads!

EKeypad Rocks the M1

My home has an Elk M1 that provides automation of the lights, sprinklers, heating, security, etc. ekPro provides a graphical interface to control the automation and also incorporate security cameras. ekPro allows remote access to all of control from an iPad, iPhone, or a Watch. The setup is easy and straight forward. Jayson and his folks provide outstanding support.

Great App

I have been using eKeypad Pro for about a year and it does it all. I presently use it to control Home Automation through an ISY 99. The app really makes it easy to control lighting, thermostat, scenes as well as programs. I just recently added two Foscam cameras and that also works great with eKeypad Pro. The excellent support you get from Jayson Callaway is well worth the price....5 star support. I actually sent an e-mail to Jayson on Sunday evening with a question and he responded a few minutes later with an answer. I would like to update my review from 5 years ago. I just recently purchased an Apple Watch 11. My eKepad Pro works great with my watch. I can now turn on/off lights and arm/disarm my Elk M1Gold security panel from my Apple Watch. The customer service Jayson provides is outstanding. If any one wants the best and most flexible app for controlling their home automation, security system and cameras this is the one.

When it works, it's great

When the developer does not release untested patches that break prior working features, this is a great app. As of right now, I cannot use Insteon any more. As a disabled person who relies on this feature working, I am now pretty screwed and have to go searching for another Insteon app, even though, I paid $100 twice, one for me and one for my wife. So, if you want to drop a chunk of change on an app that works sometimes, go for it. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

Just keeps getting better

This app is fantastic. I've been using it since one of the very early versions. It is constantly being updated with new features. It has been very stable and reliable.

Great App

I recommend this app to all my clients. The app works great with all the Elk products we use. The developer is very responsive to requests for assistance. The app is worth every penny. Thanks for a great product made and supported in the USA.


New version is worse than the old. Constantly errors out. I wish I never upgraded....

Zero Support

Great if it works. You are on your own if it doesn't. None of my emails in the last three years were answered. None.

eKeypad Pro

I almost never rate an app, but eKeypad is so absolutely awesome I feel compelled to write an update to previous rating. I use this app many times each day and it has worked flawlessly for me. Each update has been installed with no problem and with the expected results. As I stated previously, eKeypad Pro remains--- Best app on the market. It just works!!! Features rich. Easy. Never had a problem with app. When I had problem with changing to new iPhone, Jayson responded quickly, effectively, and professionally--- even though the problem was not with eKeypad Pro. Hats off to Jayson, et al, for marvelous job.

Last update killed the app

The last update causes almost immediate crash of the app. It's useless. Just as I am about to go away and actually need to use it Looking for a better solution but they already got my $99.

Poor quality - I'm fed up

Last time I get trapped out of my house. Looking for a new app to work with my elk.

Died after upgrade on 5-16-2016.

Emailed tech support and nothing. No emails or calls. Not sure why they would put out an upgrade if they are not interested in if it works or dies. Mine died.

Poor documentation

Got the app but the documentation is very poor

Jimmy F

I'm a installer and have over 20 customers with this app and have never had any complaints. They all love it.

Awesome app

Great support and a great app. I've had several issues in the past and jayson is always quick to respond and help me out. Worth the $$$

M1EXP new version 2.x.x

I'm wondering if this is compatible with the new firmware version of M1EXP since updating the firmware is not reversible back and I afraid to loose the function of this app.

Great App

I have been using this app for about 8 months, continuing to add a variety of applications. I now have an Elk M1, isy 994 controller, and cameras attached to the app. It has been relatively straightforward to attach various devices on this app with great functionality for each. Recently I added an LTS NVR with multiple cameras. After having problems getting it set up, Jayson was excellent in helping to resolve the issue, even responding to emails early on a Saturday morning. It turned out the issue was not related to the app, but an incorrect NVR being shipped. Strongly recommended app for home automation, especially with Elk security systems.

Great App for home automation with a mix of gear!

I have used the app for several years now. I use it with the isy994i, ELK M1 gold and Axis IP security cameras. My system was built with what I could afford (read used cheap stuff). Ekeypad's ability to bring this mix together into a seamless experience is awesome. I have asked for features and support over the years and always got a quick response.

Excellent App

This app works great with both the Elk M1 and the ISY994i. The developer does a great job keeping it up to date and supporting any issues that come up. I definitely recommend this app.

Crashes instantly

Do not buy this! It does not work. Latest os and current app. It crashes at splash screen.

Very nice app!

Love it!

Initial set up user unfriendly (requires a technician)

Synchronizing this program requires an installer since it is not user-friendly. Instructions that are provided by the support her in programming language and the support representatives position is that the program cannot initially be set up by an end-user without spending 20 to 40 hours on the phone, which is not feasible. So do not purchase this program unless you're prepared to pay an alarm installer to synchronize it with your alarm system

Great App

I have been using this app for several years. Jayson continues to update and improve the app. He is always looking for new functionality. The app has been rock solid and is probably the only app that I use on a daily basis.

eKeypad Pro

Quite simply the best way to fully control the Elk M1 and the ISY994. It's simple to use, powerful and the Blueprint option is incredible. Support is first rate. Changing the interface by changing the tablet orientation works great and is very convenient. In short this application is the best I've seen.

Awesome - Best in the AppStore

I have an ISY-994i and an Elk M1 Gold. I couldn't live with out this software for IOS. I use it everyday. Thank You!!

Great App!!

This app allows easy and full control of my system from anywhere. Well worth the price given the piece of mind it brought!


I have over 40 locations that I use eKeypad to monitor and control M1 and IP cams. It always works great and support is top notch. I have been using eKeypad for 4 years or better. It just keeps getting better. Thank You Jayson

Profiles update broken

Latest update with profiles feature is broken. Switched to ip video mode and couldn't get out. Then found profiles config and select what was the default automation system ( of two) and all the favorites are gone.


Very good product for the elk M1. Have all my home automation products (Wirepath IP camers,Lutron RadioRA2 lighting) connected and working wonderfully.


This integrates very well with my system and gives all the necessary features and customizations without the silly fees. The app developer is very responsive to features and troubleshooting and makes things easy for a DIYer. Wife likes the interface and can easily use it on her phone. Big purchase but absolutely no regrets. Nice job guys...


This app works seamlessly with the Elk M-1! Appreciate the continuing updates - thank you!

Fantastic APP

Jason your work and dedication makes this the BEST ALARM APP EVER!! Not to mention all the features you continue to put in the app. Thanks for your continuing support on this fantastic app.

No other app like it!

Really, there's nothing else like it!


Doesn't work since iOS 7 update. Keeps crashing at launch on my iPad.


Fantastic app with supreme customer service.

App stopped working

Had been using this app for ever with no issues. It just stopped working. Contacted support and in less than 24 hours I was back up and running. Thank You Jayson for a great App and Outstanding Support.

Great App

Perfect way to control your Elk system from away or use the ipad with a mounting frame as a keypad on location.

Excellent App

I'm using eKeypad for an Elk M1Gold automation system. I bought the Pro version because I'm still growing my home system, and I believe Pro will grow with my additions. The functionality and performance of eKeypad is great. It is reliable. The Developer supports inquiries quickly and with easy-to-understand instructions. Recommended app.

Great update!

Quick product and customer support. Always respond to questions quickly. Thank you for this app.

Amazing App and Superlative Support!!

I toiled for weeks before I bought this, thinking that $99.00 was WAY too much money for an app, but now that I have it working, it's worth the money. Considering how much I spent on my Elk system and the UPB lighting, it's chump change! I told Jayson that I was going to join the ranks of the Jayson Kool-Aid drinkers that have raved about this app and his support. Well, I had some issues and needed Jayson's help and he was right there with targeted and thoughtful direction and now I have, for the first time ever, the ability to control my Elk M1 Gold system from anywhere. I also have my entire house controlled by PCS lighting modules (UPB Standard) and they all work fabulously with this app. I also have, in a box, the thermostat to work with my Elk system and can't wait to get that installed so that I can control it as well from my iPhone and iPad and from the next town or country over! I have to say that you do have to have a decent working knowledge of how the system works and you have to have the free Elk RP software installed and working on your computer to be able to make the necessary changes for this app to work. RP allows you in import your lighting into the ELK system so that it will show up in this app and allow you to control that UPB device. Highly recomend! Many thanks to Jayson for the app and his expert support; it's so refresing to have someone that dedicated and responsive to their app. I just wish other app developers were so committed to their wares.

Great customer service

I had an issue concerning the arm/disarm function. Jayson promptly answered my question and gave me the solution. Happy customer.

Great Control of All

This is a one stop for control of all aspects of security , lighting, thermostats and viewing my CCTV cameras. Very intuitive and the developer provides great support. Priceless!

Great app!

I use this app to control my home automation system through an isy-99i and foscam security camera. It's a little bit of a "jack of all trades, master of none" in the sense that it supports a TON of different devices that no individual is likely to have all at once, but works amazingly well. I love the blueprint module (an in-app purchase), but be prepared to spend some time setting it up to get the most out of it. Finally - support is great! The author has always been incredibly responsive when I've had questions or comments.

A "must have" application for Elk system

I purchased this app to use with an Elk m1 Gold system which is configured to control a remote observatory. It works great over my local network or the cellular data network. No problem operating a roll off roof, reading temperature sensors, alarming/disarming security system, video surveillance and light control. An excellent value for remote access through iPhone and iPad. Highly recommended.

No longer works after update

This was a great app, until I updated it to 2.6.4. Now, when I attempt to run the app on my iPad 2, it crashes. For the price I paid for this app, I expect it to run flawlessly.

Fantastic App, and exceptional support

I recently began equipping my home with some insteon lighting/ hvac/ appliance control devices and an ISY-99i controller. I purchased this app knowing that i would later expand my system to include IP cameras and possibly an ELK security system. The app has a great deal of flexibility allowing you to set it up just how you want it. it communicates seamlessly with my ISY, and setup was nice and easy. A well constructed favorites page allows immediate access to devices you use a lot, if you have a lot of devices they can be neatly grouped into fully customizable catagories in your favorites page. Just about any device or program you have set up is no more than two or three taps away, no drilling required to reach a device. I recently installed a new 7 zone sprinkler system and I was able to wander around the yard with my i-phone and actuate each system at will to adjust for coverage and balance without making multiple trips to the hardwired controller, or getting drenched in the process. I had a technical question which turned out to be a hardware issue with an insteon device. Jayson helped me trouble-shoot the issue after he knew it was not due to his application, as well as made a great recommendation for hardware to increase my system's reliablility. The app and the man behind it are top notch. Great product, great customer service! I look forward to building my system and controlling it all from my phone!

Worth It

The features alone make this app a great value. Jayson's service and support make it the ultimate app for home automation.

Ekey pro

All I can say is excellent program and when needed excellent service.

Great tool

Great application for quick, point and shoot interface with your system.

Awesome App for Elk

This app is great and works well with an Elk M1Gold. Had some trouble getting the camera to work and the support was incredible in helping me resolve. The app isn't cheap, but it's functionality and exceptional support makes it certainly worth it. Jayson has been great with upgrades and fixes. I highly recommend. Michael

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